This section reviews the current bills involving dentistry in Maine and more about how to make a difference through legislation.   

NOTE:  Below are links to the State of Maine Legislature website.  The current status of the bill is dependent upon the updated status of their website.  Do not rely on this website as an end-source of information for the respective bills.   In addition, there may be bills currently in Legislature that are not reflected here

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Maine State Legislature: http://legislature.maine.gov/

State Agency Rulemaking: http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/rules/index.html

Board’s Website: http://www.maine.gov/dental/

UPDATE:  JULY 30th, 2018

Informational Letter Regarding Enacted Laws     By the Maine State Legislature During the 128th Second Regular Session

There were laws enacted during the 128th Second Regular Session that impact the Maine Board of Dental Practice statutory authority as outlined in Title 32 Chapter 143, referred to as the “the Dental Practice Act.” Below is a list and summary of those laws, including their effective dates and implementation status, if applicable.

New legislation:

Ø      Public Law 2018, chapter 388 “An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Board of Dental Practice” (effective August, 1, 2018)

Ø      Public Law 2018, chapter 396 “An Act to Enact the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act” (effective August 1, 2018)


Ø      Public Law 2018, chapter 388 – amends the Dental Practice Act by eliminating certain licensure and registration categories, clarifies the student exemptions provisions, creates a denturist trainee registration, authorizes individuals practicing independent practice dental hygiene to provide general supervision to dental radiographers, streamlines the scopes of practice of expanded function dental assistants and dental hygienists, and authorizes dental hygienists to apply sealants without first requiring a dentist to make a diagnosis. The Board is currently engaged in the rulemaking process to further implement this legislation.

Ø      Public Law 2018, chapter 186 – amends the Maine Health Security Act by creating an advanced registration of volunteer health practitioners who agree to provide services during a civil or health emergency declared by the Governor or the Department of Health and Human Services.  The practitioners would be subject to the licensing laws, including disciplinary action, in this State. The Department of Health and Human Services in consultation with the Maine Emergency Management Agency are the agencies responsible to adopt rules to implement this legislation.

LD 1230 - An Act To Increase Access To Oral Health Care.  

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